Tango Seminar TANYA Y Sebastian

Tanya Margarita Gutierrez Lara Y SEBASTIAN AVENDANO with 20 years of experience.
Professional tango dancers from Medellin-Colombia with 20 years of experience.
Directors of A PURO TANGO DANCE COMPANY and with the company we have obtained 2 times title of World tango champions.
We dance tango salon, stage, waltz, Milonga and new tango.

National champions in different categories such as: Argentine Tango, Milonga, and waltz.

A part of international tours as: United States, Russia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua, Cuba, Honduras, Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, France, Germany, Holanda, Belgium, among others .


This Seminar teaches you :

•Technique to caminada and embrace from a natural concept

To both Classes
Ladies and Leader embellisment

( 1st class ):
•Dynamics circular and lineal for Sacadas y Barridas

(2nd class ):
•Technique for Giro to potentiate the Enrosque and Desenrosque

Both ~Ladies and Leader Embellisment

( 1st class ):
•Different posibilities to Ganchos associated, dissociated and inverted
•tools to compose a variation

(2nd class ):
•Jump Technique with Envion and Palanca

( 1st class ):
•Musicality to Milonga Lisa, Milonga traspié and Milonga contratime

(2nd class ):
•Structures Milongueras to apply to the Milonga

( 1st class ):
•Musicality Structures to Waltz

(2nd class ):
•Sequences with giro and sacadas to waltz

AS You know that ForeverYoung’s Vision is to create real dancers. We made this seminar into 2 groups ( Only 6 couples in the group ) to :

  • to make it more effective
  • More Concentration with the Artists
  • Enough time to ask Questions

►Ladies Technics & Styling
•awareness of collect
•Giros around partner

11 el Bahrin st. – Infront of Macdonald’s MaryLand – Heliopolis



• Early Until 2nd November

– EGP 700 (2) Workshops ( 1h each )
– EGP 1200 (4)Workshops
– EGP 1500 (6) Workshops
– EGP 1600 (8) Workshops

– EGP 1000 (2) Workshops
– EGP 1600 (4)Workshops
– EGP 1900 (6) Workshops
– EGP 2000 (8) Workshops


• Early Until 2nd November

– EGP 1000 (4) Workshops

– EGP 1400 (4) Workshops

►Ladies Technics & Styling
• Early 800 EGP ( 2 workshops )
• Late 1200 EGP

►Private Classes : ( Upon Request )
600 EGP per class ( 1h )


Registration is done by full payment or a deposit because the spots are very Limited!

Payments through Vodafone cash on this number (01000047892)
or visiting us ( 11 el Bahrin st. – Infront of Macdonald’s MaryLand – Heliopolis )

  • No refund for paying a full package
  • Re sale is available

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